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All About Our Chatham™ Lab-Created White Sapphires

All About Our Chatham™ Lab-Created White Sapphires

Our Chatham™ Lab-Created White Sapphires are of the highest quality possible that rivals even the best naturally mined white sapphire gemstones.

The creation process of our Chatham™ Lab-Created White Sapphires begins with a seed of a fine Sri Lankan natural white sapphire. The perfect environment for the crystal to develop is then lab-simulated in order for the crystal to achieve optimum growth.

Each element and aspect of the crystal-growing environment is meticulously simulated and duplicated in the lab to ensure that only the highest quality crystals emerge.

It takes about 6 months to grow our Chatham™ Lab-Created White Sapphires - perhaps the longest and most meticulous in the market today. While other lab-created white sapphire gems take less time, resulting to gemstones of significantly less value, we never compromise on quality.

We figured if nature takes its time creating natural gemstones, why should lab-created gems be any different? We're already turning a million-year process into mere months, a few weeks more to add to the process in order to create quality gemstones that can rival those created by Mother Earth won't really matter, right?

Our Chatham™ Lab-Created White Sapphires are grown large and clean so that when final cutting is done, about 80% of the crystal is cut away in order to get faceted white sapphires that are icy clear and have excellent brilliance.

This also gives us the advantage of being able to custom cut practically any shape imaginable. Think about it: we grow white sapphire crystals in sizes that mostly end up being cut away and discarded, just to arrive at a perfectly cut, perfectly proportioned finished stone. It's like growing an entire redwood forest just to make sure the perfect tree is produced. That's the kind of commitment to excellence we adhere to in order to bring you the highest quality Chatham™ Lab-Created White Sapphires.

In fact, we're willing to go out on a limb and say our Chatham™ Lab-Created White Sapphires from WhiteSapphire.com are rivaled only by natural mined white sapphires and diamonds. Period.

And as an added bonus, since Chatham™ Lab-Created White Sapphires are grown in our state-of-the-art laboratories, they have less of an impact to the environment than naturally mined gemstones. So you can flaunt and display your WhiteSapphire.com jewelry items set with your choice of Chatham™ Lab-Created White Sapphires to your heart's content without feeling any guilt that a bird or a little critter lost its home just to get a small sparkly stone on your ring or earrings.

So what are you waiting for?

Looking for rings, earrings, pendants or even custom-made jewelry items, set with Chatham™ Lab-Created White Sapphires? Visit WhiteSapphire.com today.

Untouched. Unspoiled. All precious.

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