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The Rarest of Sapphires

The Rarest of Sapphires

Sapphires, like rubies, are a subcategory of corundum, a very hard, tough and stable mineral. Corundum is formed by the crystallization of aluminum oxide. During its formation, it usually contains traces of metals such as titanium, vanadium, chromium and iron. These traces of various minerals give corundum its different colors.

Corundum is inherently hard and tough. In fact, among minerals, corundum is second only diamonds in terms of hardness and durability.

Not all corundum are precious stones. However, there are 2 gem varieties of corundum - rubies and sapphires. All red corundum are rubies and all other varieties are considered sapphires.

Rubies are known for their red hue, ranging from light pink to dark crimson.

Sapphires, on the other hand have more diverse color variations. The most common color associated with sapphires s blue. However, available sapphire colors also range from the highly prized orange-pink padparadscha, the valuable pink and green variants and the less prized yellows.

But perhaps, the rarest (and often underrated) variant of sapphires is the white sapphire.

White sapphires are formed when the crystallization of aluminum oxide occurs with the total absence of any trace elements. The resulting crystal is colorless with a slightly milky or cloudy color. It does not sparkle as brightly as diamonds (or diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia or moissanites), but is, nevertheless, brilliant in its own right.

Although, white sapphires are not valued as highly as their padparadscha or even their pink sapphire cousins, the rarity of white sapphires is undeniable.

And when set with your choice of precious metal: .925 Sterling Silver; 10K, 14K, 18K White, Yellow or Rose Gold; 950 Palladium; or; pure 950 Platinum, white sapphire jewelry become actual precious treasures that can make any marriage proposal truly special, any occasion graced by this gift really memorable, and is worthy to be passed on from generation to generation as family heirloom.

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